Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Week 5 Directed Study - CD Cover Design

Produce a design for a CD cover. It can be for an existing CD from a band you know, or from an unsigned band. The cover must include at least one photograph.
Produce a brief critical evaluation reflecting upon:

  1. Your choice of image
  2. Your use of type and shape
  3. Your use of colour

The band I chose is called Katatonia. Is one of my favourate bands and they are playing doom metal. So an atmospheric image could be the correct choice to use, for this band's album cover. The image I chose is a photograph I took in Liverpool. I really like this picture because its really dark and atmospheric. The logo of Katatonia its there official logo so I couldn't change it. The album title is made by me. It is not an existing title but it is in the same mood as their songs. I didn't use simple fonts. The reason is because the band's logo uses a complex way of typography.

This is the original picture which I took with my camera last November:

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