Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 2 Directed Study - TYPE CASE STUDY

Find an interesting type case study: An advert, a newspaper, a magazine spread, a poster. Make a critical analysis of the use of type in your case study.

·        The design shows a woman’s figure with entitled THE WOMEN. 

·       . Inside the figure it writes different words that can describe a woman.

·        The designer uses Times New Roman as a font.

·        The reason to that is because this type of font is more elegant and is more appropriate for women with style.

·        He makes very good use of typography, because the most common words to describe a woman’s character and life, are in bigger size so the viewer’s eye will go straight to what the designer wants you to see.

·         It is a very good visual design because it’s simple with white background and easy for the viewer to understand what he sees.
       Example 2: This is another good example of good use of typography. The designer uses the colours of white and red. Red is the colour of death, blood, war. White is the colour of piece, calm, happiness. He uses sons serif fonts because is a modern visual design. He uses powerful words. Those words he uses mean exactly the opposite. That is making very strong point of the image.

      Other Examples: 


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