Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Week 3 Workshop 1 - Visualising Words

Building on your design skills in typography, produce a visual response to one of the following words;
Your Words: backward

         Well first of all I came up with a draft idea how my logo will be and I drew it on a piece of paper. I wanted in some way to mix up the letters and at the same time to understand what the word isIn inDesign I used the type tool for each letter separately, so I will be able later on to edit each letter one by one. So I read the word mixed normally. Then I choose what type of font I was going to use. When I decided the font I was going to use, I change the letter M and E to capital letters and with a thicker outside black line. The other three small letter I let them small but bold. The next step I took was to decide how I will mix the letter. So I came with the idea that you can see above. The last step was to edit the shape of my letter individually. So I pressed the “create outlines” button to distort my letters.


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