Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Week 4 Directed Study - Ramble Across Birmingham

The field trip was a ramble across Birmingham City Centre in search of creativity. We were looking for interesting visual design work. Billboards, advertisements, leaflets, posters, graffiti and taking pictures of good and bad examples of visual work.

Here is the link, that I posted some pictures from the field trip: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariosMI and comment on some others in this group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/mc436outandabout/pool/

Here are some examples and the description of them:

1.This is a modern and a quite good logo and visual design. The part of it I don't like is that is not very clear what is it. On the other hand is making good use of typography.
2.This is a good visual design for an advertisement of a new film. The red writing and the white background make the text clear and visible to read from a distance. Also from the photographic design you can understand that this is an action film because you can see the 2 actors running and behind them a shadow following them.
3.This is a very creative visual design as part of graffiti. You can easily understand that this is made by a professional designer because of the use of colour that is making it clear, the shape of the design that is a "speech bubble" designed on the shape of the specific building.
4.This is an example of a not bad, but not good enough logo..is very simple without any creativity but with good use of colour.

From this field trip I've learned a lot about Birmingham's creative industry, that I had no idea about. We saw many companies that had to do with visual designing or photography studios and many more graffiti studios and paintings. It is a very creative industry with many opportunities to work and be part of it.

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