Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Week 1 Directed Study

Exercise 1: Find an example of a visual design. A gig flyer, an advert, a poster. What made you choose it? What design choices have been made by the designer?

    1.This is a standard advert of Pampers Company. I choose this advert, because is a good example of a visual design. As you can see the background colour he uses is orange, as the one of the new product of Pampers. Generally he uses bright colours because is an advert for small children. Also the designer makes good use of typography. He uses white SERIF fonts for the advert to look more childish and playful in front of the orange background.

  2. Very clever visual design of AFTER 8 Nestle product. The designer uses exactly the same classic colours as they are on the product package. The viewer knows what the advert is talking about.

3.Another good example of a visual design. This is a Nokia advert. With bright and clear colours like a mirror they are using for their new product. You can say that is a modern advert because the designer uses sans serif fonts. A very nice and catchy advert overall.
    Exercise 2: Locate a resource that you can use to learn more about visual design: My first resource is a web page I found called www.youthedesigner.com. I found it very useful because you an learn a lot of things from this resource. it contains many tutorials, tips and exercises in photoshop, and inDesign that  anyone interested in this kind of artwork should find interesting. Furthermore it offers you some kind of jobs in case you feel comfortable with your creative and practical skills in those software programs. At last you can involve in contests or you can just loose your time in the gallery seeing very nice and creative examples.  
    The second source I found is another we page called www.allgraphicdesign.com. Its also a useful page If you like to experiment more on other programs, such us the illustrator, which is more for graphic designers. Furthermore it contains many same features as the previous page.

     Exercise 3: Idea/concept generation. Brief: Your house requires a logo. Identify relevant concepts to your house. Create some logo ideas.

    Example 1: This is my house logo. It is my first ever creation on InDesign Software program. Basically it is the logo of my room at my house. Is the place where I get inspire and creative. The eyes and the devil horns represent all my drawings/paintings and posters I have on my walls, and the letters M and I are my initials. The red colour represent the colour of my room which is painted in red.
     Example 2: This is my second house logo I created. Its basically a grey roof, that  symbolizes the city I am living in. Full of concrete and less green. Beneath the roof is my signature that I created in inDesign. The first three letters are Mar and the last two are Io. So my first name and surname mix together and get the result MarIo, which basically is my first name.